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Strategy Mining™

Thanks to DeepMind, Artificial Intelligence has exceeded our wildest expectations by demonstrating both superior strategy and creativity by conquering the complex strategy game - Go.

As simple as the rules may seem, Go is profoundly complex. There are an astonishing 10 to the power of 170 possible board configurations - more than the number of atoms in the known universe. This makes the game of Go a googol times more complex than chess.

DeepMind’s latest version of its AI has taught itself from scratch to also master the games of chess and shogi, beating the world-champions in both cases. This technology has replaced previous hand-crafted coding rules with a deep neural network and algorithms that know nothing beyond the basic rules of the game. Its creative response and ability to master these three complex games, demonstrate that a single algorithm can now learn how to discover new knowledge in a range of settings, and potentially, any perfect information game.

Dopainium is building upon this exciting technology and applying it to marketing strategy via our platform called Strategy Miner. Using Strategy Mining, Dopainium can now reliably outperform human-only marketing teams by leveraging reinforcement learning and analysis of millions of marketing strategies across multiple industries, countries and companies.

A single algorithm can now learn how to discover new knowledge in a range of settings


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Dopainium connects proven strategies, tactics and insights to deliver superior marketing performance

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Dopainium analyses literally billions of data points when developing AI guided strategies for clients around the world

Research Data Sources

Dopainium's Artificial Intelligence analyses literally billions of data points from numerous sources

Competitive Data - how are competitors performing from a marketing perspective.

Marketing Team - dopainium 'moneyballs' the competitors marketing team, identifying talent and the value each member delivers.

Influence - how effective are competitors at influencing and converting customers.

Industry Analysis - how is the industry performing & where are the opportunities, threats etc.

Financial Analysis - how are competitors and the industry performing compared to the economy.  

Leadership - how effective are the competitors leadership when assessed side-by-side.

Innovation - are competitors innovating and how is this impacting future growth prospects.

Few Example Sources

Leveraging both human and artificial intelligence for improved marketing strategy

Hybrid Intelligence

Leveraging the best of human and artificial intelligence

to deliver superior marketing analysis and strategy