Transformative business insights provide the foundation upon which our digital marketing strategies are built. The process of revealing these insights begin with comprehensive online research and analysis. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, we literally process billions of data-points pertaining to your industry and competitive landscape. The advanced technology connects disparate data to form common themes.

Online Market Research

Competitive Insight

The real ‘magic’ happens when we apply deep marketing expertise to analyze the themes and patterns identified by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This symbiotic relationship between AI and Marketing Analyst provides us with the unique opportunity to identify previously ‘invisible’ insights. Without bleeding edge technology, these potentially transformative insights would remain hidden due to human cognition limitations for processing large amounts of data. One strategic insight has the power to transform a business.    

Executable Strategy

Insight without action is worthless. Dopainium’s brand promise is to delight customers with transformative digital marketing strategy – providing a step-by-step blueprint for growing a business 25 percent or more. To recognize success, the execution of the marketing strategy needs to be decisive and deliberate. We make every effort to simplify the marketing execution process. Simple and cost-effective creates momentum and results.

Remarkable performance of at least twenty five percent when working with Dopainium.
Dopainium digital marketing strategies guarantee results in twelve months or less.
Dopainium strategies are designed to be streamlined and remarkably cost-effective.

The digital marketing strategy will deliver a minimum of 25 percent aggregated growth performance  (new customers, new sales, customer retention).  

The strategy can realistically be executed within a 12 month period.   

The implementation of the strategy will be cost-effective.   


Guaranteed Performance Promise

Twenty Five Percent Growth guarantee for all Dopainium clients.

If Dopainium believes that the above criterion cannot be achieved with a specific client,


Dopainium develops transformational digital marketing strategy for startup businesses & organizations with less than $50M in annual revenue.

One strategic insight has the potential to transform a business.

Dianne Hunnam-Jones | Business Leader

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we will respectfully have to decline the opportunity to serve you. Our goal is to ensure we delight customers through achieving a consistent 25 percent plus performance improvement.


Dopainium works with organizations around the world - all strategies and information remains strictly confidential.

All conversations, data and strategy will remain strictly confidential - and permanently deleted at the clients request.    

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Sun Tzu | Ancient Chinese General, Military Strategist

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One strategic insight has the power to transform a business. Dianne Hunnam-Jones

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

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Sun Tzu and The Art of War